Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables from M & P 75 ohms for transmission and reception for professional needs in the broadband network. Cables for indoor and outdoor (ground) assembly 5mm and 6,8mm, 10.1mm ... with 90dB shielding (Expert series Class A) and shielding over 100dB (Elite series Class A +). On request also large earth cables

Installation Expert cables Class A:

  • Digisat D.5 cable 0,80/3,5/5mm
  • Digisat 90 CU cable 1,13/4,8/6,9mm
  • Digisat 122 cable 0,80/3,5/5mm
  • Digisat 822 cable 1,13/4,8/6,8mm


Outdoor cables (UV resist, water proof):

  • INTSAT110 cable Cu 1,16/5/6,8mm
  • IK 12 cable 1,63/7,25/10.1mm

Cable cords - connection cables

Connection cables, CLASS A

  • ASK75WK1,5-A, IECF angle-IECM
  • ASK75 2,5zz cord 2,5m, IECF-IECM
  • F751,5-A, Fm_Fm

Connection cables WISI, CLASS A++

  • DS 37U 0150 1,5m IECF-IECM
  • DS 38U 0150 1,5m Fm-Quick-IECF
  • DS 38U 0150 1,5m Fm-Quick-IECM
  • DS 50U 0150 1,5m 2xFm-Quick

HDMI Cables 1,5m, 2m, 3m, 5m

ELPAS offers a wide range of high quality HDMI cables

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