Distribution and Line Amplifiers

Distribution line amplifiers VX

VX 26H (230V) and VX 29H(65V)
High output level 111 dBμV, DS gain: 41dB; US: 24dB
All settings are performed without interrupting the signal, (DS and US), even if the "jumper" is removed!
Remote power 7A / 7A!
The amplifier is complete - we do not need to purchase any modules - except an optional tap at the output 8dB (XM25-0082) or 13dB (XM25-0130), and the 4dB splitter is included!

  • CATV amplifier 1GHz, fixed 65MHz backbone, 85MHz (on request)
  • high output level of 111 dBμV
  • Integrated diplex filter and reverse amplifier
  • Settings with rotary switch and jumpers
  • Overvoltage RF protection

VX 2030 DOCIS 3.1 ready

  • CATV amplifier 1.2 GHz, 5-200MHz return band (65/85 / 117MHz optional)
  • High output level 114 dBμV
  • Settings with rotary switch and jumpers
  • Management functionality optional (ICS ..)
  • Diplex filter and reverse amplifier as one plug-in module
  • Overvoltage RF protection

Line VX amplifiers

High output level. All settings are made with the control unit OK 41A

The VX 29 BL 80A
Is a remote powered in-house amplifier, programmable via Bluetooth with a frequency range up to 1,2 GHz. It features an active output and a measurement socket at the in- and output. Plugable modules at the input and output enable a perfect adaption to the installation concept. For example is a module for a second output available, optional as splitter or TAP. The whole range of functions (attenuation, slope, equalizer etc.) can be configured via bluetooth. Diplex filters 85 MHz and 204 MHz are already integrated and can be chosen by bluetooth. The WISI Flex access technology identifies forward- and return path and configures the diplex settings automatically. The VX 29 BL 80A enables the switch to DOCSIS 3.1, without any manual change of the settings on the amplifier.

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