Push-on Filter – TV

This multi-media "POF" is a diplex version, for providing very low return loss

Type no. TV POF-D-L
Item no. 42122
Frequency range (MHz) 5-65, 118-1006
Insertion loss (IN-DATA) 5-65 MHz) 0.5 dB
Insertion loss (IN-DATA) 118-1006 MHz 4.0 dB
Isolation (DATA-TV) 5-65 MHz > 45 dB
Isolation (DATA-TV) 118-862 MHz > 22 dB
Isolation (DATA-TV) 862-1006 MHz > 15 dB
Connector F-female
Frequency range (MHz) 118-1006
Insertion loss (IN-TV) 118-1006 MHz) 4.0 dB
Isolation (TV-IN) 5-65 MHz > 35 dB
Connector IEC-male
Input connector IEC-female
Return loss* Cat. B
Screening effectiveness Class A
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