HFC, RFoG, FTTx Fiber nodes, receivers

The program has a range of Fiber Nodes and receivers for all types of optical networks -
such as HFC, RFoG, FTTB (fiber-to-the-building), FTTH.

Value Line Node - LR22 node

Value Line Node - LR22 node for two fibers or LR27 for one fiber

  • 117 dBμV (6 dB slope) / 114 dBμV (flat)
  • 2x RF output (splitter / taps plug-in modules)
  • DOCSIS 3.1 compliance
  • Downstream to 1.2 GHz
  • Upstream optional 65MHz .... 200 MHz
  • Modules - diplex filter, output splitter /
  • LT 22 (for LR22 only) - return path transmitter
  • Isolated CWDM DFB lasers
  • Setting up via a wireless bluetooth app or handset OH 41
  • Remote control (according to IEC 60728-14) via FSK receiving module
  • Local power supply 230V (LR 2x 2001) or remote supply 65V (LR 2x 6001)

Compact Line Nodes - nodes

A full range of optical hubs up to 1GHz, including a return transmitter from the smallest to the "redundant" nodes

LR 47 x

The LR47 is an optical HFC node with an integrated fibre management. Several plugin modules for downstream receivers, return path transmitters, diplex filters and splitter/taps ensure a broad area of application in different configurations. The local configuration with the OH 41 handset, Ethernet or Android app via Bluetooth provides access to all necessray settings. The same option are available remotely via an VT52B HMS transponder.

LR 45

The LR 45 Remote-PHY node is a perfect symbiosis of innovation and proven technology. Coonected to high speed Ethernet backbones with up to 10 Gbps, the outstanding RF performance connects existing HFC networks to the digital core network. A frequency band of 1.2 GHz in downstream direction and up to 204 MHz in upstream direction provides the most flexible way of DOCSIS 3.1 migration scenarios. In conjunction with an automated configuration, which simplifies the mass deployment and the management of the node, it is the first choice for innovative forerunners as well as consistent operators. Additionally, the RF Overlay ensure the support for exisitng broadcast services.

LR 44

The LR 44 inverted node incorporates innovation for FTTH deployments to accomodate exisiting HFC plants. The highly integrated optical components allow the smallest footprint for OBI-free RFoG deployments including optical amplification and high splitting ratios to connect up to 32 ports with options for further internal splits. This ruggedized housing supports installation in harsh environments as well. With 1.2 GHz in downstream direction and up to 204 MHz (electronic switchable diplexer) in upstream direction. Therefore the LR 44 is the first choice for innovative forerunners and established MSOs.

Micronodes – nodes

Micronodes – nodes

WDM Optical Receiver

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